Countdown to AMD Premier League: Interview with MiTH.Trust

first published on May 4, 2013 by admin

On the days leading into the AMD Premier League’s Main Tournament, DotaTalk will be featuring three short interviews from three different teams who were directly invited into this phase of the tournament. First up is Trai, the captain of Thai-team MiTH.Trust.


MiTH Dota 2, taken from their Facebook page

MiTH Dota 2, taken from their Facebook page


MiTH.Trust has been one of the most recognized E-Sports team hailing from Thailand, being around since the old DotA days. While they have slipped a bit after being invited into The International, the team has continued to improve and is regaining their status as one of Southeast Asia’s finest. They will be competing next week as one of the invited teams on the AMD Premier League.

Interview conducted by MasterRamen

Hello Trai. Have you seen the list of invited team for amd premier league? what was your first reaction to it?

-Yes I have seen it , that list is very good that have all best team from Asia in and I am very exciting to face them all.


What is your opinion regarding the LGD Cn and LGD Int pulling out from the tournament due to ACE union’s decision not to allow the teams from joining the tournament?

-If we can have both team LGD in this tournament, it would be great since they are strong. Anyway, if they can not join because that reason, we wish them luck for their other upcoming tournaments as we are big fan of both LGD too.


Mith Trust have defeated Orange in DotaTalk league and Gest2 March. Do you think you can easily overcome them in AMD Premier League?

-Even if we have defeated Orange twice, I feel Orange team is still stronger than us in many ways. But we will do our best to fight them in AMD tournament.


What do you have to say about the poor performance of MiTH.Trust in Gest Dota 2’s group stage for April 2013?

-We lost to ourselves on GEST April. We did not prepare well. We lost focus in many matches. We tried to recover from our first loss but wasn’t able to. We will keep on training hard to make sure that our performance will come back to what it was.


Between Orange Zenith and MUFC who you think is stronger? 

-For us, we feel that Zenith is stronger .In tournaments, we never win against them . Zenith has a unique playing style that not the same as many teams in the world


Your team again missed the invite on The International 3. What your feeling about it?
-I feel sad about it. We train very hard and we keep on joining competitions, but we haven’t been invited because our performance aren’t good enough. This means that we have to push ourselves even harder.


What do you think about Winter’s interview with GGnet, where he said that your team deserves to be invited?

-Thank you Winter. I think that MUFC deserves that slot more than us.


Many fans are questioning the invite of Mineski HyperX. Do you think they deserve the invite to the AMD Premier League?

-Mineski is very good team. They performed very well lately I think they deserve that slot.


If you are given a chance to seed your team in the tournament, where will you put yourself?

-Any! We will be ready for any match coming.


Lastly, what you want to say to your fans?

-Thank you to all our MiTH-Trust fans and we are so sorry for letting you down, that we can’t make it to invited teams in TI3 But anyway, we still have a chance in the qualifier and we will do our best.


The Champion  of the main tournament will receive 3,000 USD, the runner-up will get 1,500 USD and the second-runner up will get 500 USD.



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