Countdown to AMD Premier League: Interview with Mineski

first published on May 5, 2013 by admin

On the days leading into the AMD Premier League’s Main Tournament, DotaTalk will be featuring three short interviews from three different teams who were directly invited into this phase of the tournament. Coming second is Bimbo / Jay of Mineski.


Mineski, taken from Mineski-Dota's Facebook page

Mineski, taken from Mineski-Dota's Facebook page


Mineski is one of the household Southeast Asian E-Sports names, and the team has one of the most, if not the most, passionate group of followers. They have been invited into the TI3 East Qualifiers, but more relevantly for our purpose, they will be competing next week as one of the invited teams on the AMD Premier League.

Interview conducted by MasterRamen

Hello Bimbo. Have you seen the list of invited team for amd premier league? what was your first reaction to it?

-The invited teams for me are not to be taken lightly, these are 12 of the best in the SEA region. For us it is certainly an honor to be part of such an event.


There are so much hates with the mineski being an invite team. Do you have anything to say about that?

– I don’t see any problem with that. People are entitled to their own opinion, good or bad. We just play Dota because it’s our passion. And yeah, haters gonna hate. We still love you though.


Many fans are hoping for a clash of Mushi and Yamateh in the Grand Final. Do you think your team can do a surprise and be on that position instead?

-I honestly would definitely like to see that too. But although at the moment, we seem like the underdogs in the tournament. We were in the same position right now as we were 2 years ago, back 2011 at SMM -most of the people didn’t believe but fate brought us a 3rd place victory, ending the 1st-3rd Chinese SMM placing streak.


Beside your team, Orange, Zenith and MUFC who do you think have the higher chance to make an upset again the big 3 of South East Asia?

-Counting the Chinese teams out, i think Joenet PNM from Indonesia.


Mineski will fight Vici Gaming 2 in the 2nd round of the main event. What is your plan for that match?

-Prepare, practice, review and just give it our all. Like i said, no team should be taken lightly.


There are no invite for any Philippine team for the International 3. What is your comment on that?
-This is not our year yet, I guess. The transition from DotA to Dota 2 is still in progress. I believe that when the full transition happens, there will be more competition and teams will train with each other thus an increase in skill level. But as i see it, the future looks bright for PH Dota 2.


Lastly, What do you think are your chances of winning the AMD Premier League?

– If i would give out a number, this will make people, including ourselves to be constrained to that goal. So ill answer that question by saying, ‘tiwala lang..bus yan!’ (popular slang saying by Mineski meaning ‘just have faith, we can take em!’)

Lastly, what you want to say to your fans?

-If there are any, keep on supporting. If there is anything we need, its your support. Believe in us! Shout-outs to Mineski family, my teammates, my gf Shaira – I love you To Mineski.Rhom for the bootcamp and for believing in us, to Calvin aka thebloodymassacre for making awesome videos of us, and to everyone who keeps on supporting. Thanks to you all and thanks to MasterrRmen for this interview. Dota 2 is the future of e-sports! We have Icefrog and Valve to thank!


The Champion  of the main tournament will receive 3,000 USD, the runner-up will get 1,500 USD and the second-runner up will get 500 USD.



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