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first published on September 5, 2013 by Dominic

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To all GMPGL Participants. Due to the tournament engine going down, All GMPGL will be postponed to 22 September 2013. We will post the new schedule soon. All today results will be counted and there are no check in required on 22 Sept. The tournament will continue again at 12PM SGT on 22 September 2013. We are very sorry for the trouble. Our developer team will work on it to increase the server optimization and stability for tomorrow’s GMPGLs


Check In Form

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Non Sea Check in Form

Checked in teams list

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Lobby Settings


Saturday, 21th of September (SGT)

  • 1300 – 1400 Check In period
  • 1400 Round 1
  • 1530 Round 2
  • 1700 Round 3
  • 1830 Round 4 (64 teams)
  • 2000 Round 5 (128 teams)
  • 2130 Round 6 (256 teams)

Sunday, 22th of September (SGT)

  • 1400 Semi Final – BO3
  • 1700 Bronze Match – BO1
  • 1715 Final – BO3

How to contact opponent?

  • During match day there will be a match ticker for each match
  • Visit the match page of your team and contact your opponent via comment
  • Match ticker will be available in the tournament page on the right panel

How to report result?

  • Go to and upload the screenshot of the end game scoreboard
  • Post the link to the admin in chat room with this format
  • a) Link of match page
  • b) Link to the screenshot
  • Admin will check and update the results based on the proof.
  • Team who late more than 15 minutes will forfeit their match.

How to enter chat room?

  • Key in username you desired and enter. Password is not required.
  • Chat room is only for support and reasonable questions
  • Check will be done via check in form which will be posted during check in duration 7.00pm to 8.00pm SGT

2nd Round on-wards match page will be created in progress. Please wait until your next round match page created before proceed with the next match

Standard tournament rules apply