Battle of Pride - Malaysia vs Philippines Day 1 Guide

first published on February 7, 2014 by Dominic



Standard tournament rules are apply

Server: Singapore


Lobby Setup

  • Server: Singapore
  • Radiant: Upper team in the bracket
  • First Pick: Random
  • Spectator: Enable
  • Version: Tournament
  • Mode: Captain Mode

To Do List for each team captain

  • Fill in the check in form (check in closed)
  • Wait for bracket release around 1430 SGT
  • Add your opponent team captain after bracket released
  • Create Lobby and tell your opponent the password
  • Game on!
  • Winner report the result via Result form
  • Any issue or problem please use this form. Admin will only entertain report

Schedules for 1st Day

Saturday, 8th February 2014 (SGT)

  • 1300 – 1400 Check In period
  • 1400-1430 Bracket preparation
  • 1430 Round 1 – BO1
  • 1600 Round 2 – BO1
  • 1730 Round 3 – BO1
  • 2000 Round 4 – BO1
  • 2130 Round 5 – BO1

How to check in?

  • Check in form will be opened from 1300 – 1400  SGT
  • Check in form – CLICK HERE TO CHECK IN (Check in closed)

How to contact opponent? IMPORTANT

  • Go to in game (DOTA2) chat room call “bop
  • Find your opponent via in-game chat room “bop
  • Where to find the chat room? Open Dota 2. At the chat panel click + and type bop. Join the channel
  • Each team captain is required to add your opponent team captain at steam. Failure to accept the friend request and failure to communicate with your opponent will grant a free win to your opponent. Your opponent steam profile link can be found at the checked in teams list.

How to report result?

  • Go to and upload the screenshot of the end game scoreboard
  • Click here and fill in the match results form.


  • Admin will check and update the results based on the proof.
  • Team who late more than 30 minutes will forfeit their match. (This will over rules the standard rules)
  • To report dispute between teams please fill in this form.