Arrow Gaming Road to Ti4 in trouble. 4 players Visa Rejected.

first published on June 4, 2014 by StupidmirC

visa rejected

Earlier today we received an update regarding Arrow Gaming’s Visa Application status. Sadly, DDZ, Xiangzaiii, Mozun and Lance’s visa application had been rejected because they are too young. The quote below is taken from Arrow Gaming’s Facebook page.

We are sad to announce that 4 of our players had their visa application rejected. We have contacted Valve regarding this matter and they have promised to provide us with better supporting documents for our 2nd interview. Hopefully the players will not lose faith. DDZ, Xiangzaiii, Mozun and Lance application were rejected because they are too young and have no strong financial backup. We will keep trying and hope for the best for the players during their 2nd interview. Wish us luck and keep supporting Arrow Gaming.

Last year, Ohaiyo from Orange Esports 1st visa interview was unsuccessful as well. However, the 2nd interview he passed and they managed to get through.

Source: Arrow Gaming Facebook