AMD2PL carries on - Malaysian and Non-SEA standings at last

first published on June 30, 2013 by Xero

Top 8 of Malaysian and Non-SEA teams find out how much do they actually mean to their fans – or if they have any fans at all

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In an attempt to include fan involvement in the AMD Dota 2 Premier League Season 2, the AMD2PL qualifier teams are seeded according to the number of fan votes on the DotaTalk Facebook page. After 3 days of voting, the results are in for the Malaysian and Non-SEA votes.

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The qualifiers will be played in a Last Man Standing format.

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The Malaysian side shows some unexpected vote results, with my Nara Stack – a team of Malaysian pubstars coming up top by a surprising margin. Following second place is my MalayAllStar, the local Malays’ favourite team with my Neolution.Orange‘s Kecik`Imba on the team. my Gizmo Gaming came up third in the votes, returning to the scene after a 4 month hiatus. Contraire to the invite requirements of the AMD2PL qualifiers, my KD2M E-Sports, a newly formed team with no tournament participation under their belts surprisingly receiving an invite to the Malaysian qualifiers over other teams coming up in 4th.

malaysiamy DuskBin fails to gather fan votes and comes up 5th, while my E-Sports, known for defeating my Invasion.MUFC and other upsets finish a disappointing 6th. my KCR, who played in the Asian Cyber Games Malaysian Finals and the GMPGL June Malaysia came up 7th while my Invasion.Sino, an old name consisting of players from my Invasion E-Sports and my Sino Wander failed to garner fan support, which will mean they have a hard road ahead.


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The Non SEA qualifier votes shows the Korean representatives Korea FXOpen ESports having to fight all 7 teams in order to qualify for the main event, while india Oblique Gaming, who played in The Asia back in 2012 came up in front of the Koreans. india BFK and india ATE Gaming, both Indians teams who played in the GMPGL May Non SEA qualifiers came up 5th and 6th respectively. india Infamous fell short of fan votes to finish up 4th behind Australians au G-Bangers, while india Double Trouble and au Fairy Fails claimed top and second respectively. All Non SEA invited teams played in GMPGL May.

No SeaThe first match for both qualifiers will start on the 1st of July 2013, 8pm SGT with Invasion.Sino facing KCR in the Malaysian qualifiers while FXOpen will face Oblique Gaming at the same time. The top team from both qualifiers will be invited to the AMD2PL main event, featuring a prize pool of USD 5,000.