AMD League releases four other invited teams, LGD teams out

first published on May 1, 2013 by admin

AMD League’s Main tournament will be held 6-17 May, with four Chinese teams confirming participation. However, the LGD teams had to pull out because of ACE’s decision.




The four invited Chinese teams are:

  • my Rising Stars
  • my Rattlesnake
  • my TongFu
  • my Vici Gaming 2


While the addition of these Chinese teams would improve the quality of the competition, it unfortunately came with the news that the LGD teams will be backing out of the AMD League. Both and, as well as two other well-known Chinese teams, had already confirmed participation and were already approved by their local organization, ACE. However, due to nearing tournaments particularly the Dota 2 Super League, the organization has decided just recently to pull out those teams and to not allow them to join.

Also, due to that tournament and the TI 3 East Qualifiers, the tournament was changed into a Single-elimination tournament. The general bracket can be found here.

Aside from the 16 invited teams, 8 more teams will qualify from the Regional Finals. It will be held this 3-5 May, and the 24 teams will be split into four groups. Top two teams per group will advance. More information can be found here. There are still three ongoing regional qualifiers. So far, the teams who had qualified for the regional finals are:


  • my Invasion.GIGABYTE
  • my Leap Gaming
  • my MalayAllStars
  • my 12345
  • ph MILP Speratus
  • ph TnC Gaming
  • ph MSIEvoGT
  • ph Vice City
  •  Tell Me Why
  •  Awake
  •  Clan Ob
  •  Gameware
  •  AtE.Err0R
  •  Double Trouble
  •  Bfk


The Champion  of the main tournament will receive 3,000 USD, the runner-up will get 1,500 USD and the second-runner up will get 500 USD.



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