AGL #3 ends

first published on September 29, 2013 by Xero

After 2 days of intense Dota 2 action, 1 team stood out ahead of 32 teams that signed up for the RM10,000 prize pool (USD 3,100) LAN event at The Summit USJ, hosted by the Asian Gaming League


Among the 32 teams entered in the tournament, notable teams include Invasion-Kawanku, Invasion.MUFC, Nara’s Stack, E-Sports, Duskbin,  Sino.Wander and the fan favourites Titan. Nara’s Stack met their doom early in the quarter-finals,  where Titans sent them back a long way. Sino.Wander met a similar fate, falling to the wrath of the Titans. Duskbin on the other hand made it to the quarter-finals before meeting E-Sports, who were on a roll and demolished Duskbin 14-0. Invasion-Kawanku met their match as well as E-Sports took both games in the best-of-3 semi-finals. The finals turned out to be Titans meeting E-Sports.

Game 1

Both teams started out with safelanes, providing Morphling and Weaver with a lot of space to farm. Alchemist and Dragon Knight at mid-lane was a state of farm-trading as well. Titan picked up a First Blood in the top lane as Juggernaut went out of position. Titan’s signature line-up with the Nature’s Prophet and Enchantress helped them break the top 2 towers in under 5 minutes, pulling ahead by 3,000 in terms of gold. Titan follows on their momentum and gets the  midlane Tier 1 as well, sacrificing Ohaiyo in the process but picking up a kill on the Sand King as well. The bottom Tier 1fell as well in 12 minutes, but ddz on the Morphling was getting a lot of farm. Titan picked up another 3-2 trade in the bottom lane but failed to claim the bottom Tier 2 in 14 minutes. However, a huge team fight going in the favour of E-Sports brought them 4 kills and kept the game close. Titan played it safe from that moment on, claiming the Roshan in 17:40. However, the Aegis expired in vain as no kills happened around the map until the 24th minute, where Titan over-extended and lost Wisp and Dragon Knight in the process.  Titan however came back, claiming a double kill for Xtinct and the midlane Tier 2 tower as well. Morphling however completes his Ethereal Blade in 29 minutes, proving himself a danger to the squisher supports. Roshan was brought down by Titan again, and another team fight in the 34th minute closed the distance between the two teams. Kills went around the map, with both teams trying to gain the upper hand. Roshan was claimed yet again by Titan in the 41st minute, but when Lowyat marched up their front door, Titan could not go against the 3-core line-up of Lowyat, and they forced a GG in 47:35.

Game 2

With a near- replication of Na`Vi – Alliance TI3 Grand Finals, tried to play mind games with Titan, sending ddz playing the Visage to the mid lane to meet the Chaos Knight-Wisp combo, but gave away a First Blood when they tried to go on the Visage. Titan returned the favour with a double kill 3 minutes later, with Ohaiyo picking up the gold. A huge team fight that lasted for 2 minutes saw kills going to both sides, with Ohaiyo picking up a triple kill but still falling in the end. Alchemist was still getting a lot of farm, and a huge Black Hole in the 16th minute saw Titan losing 3 of their core heroes. However, the Alchemist snowball could not be stopped, and coupled with Black Holes countering the Chaos Knight, Titan called GG in 25 minutes.

Asian Gaming League #3 standings

  • 1st place – E-Sports (RM 5,000 + 5x Razer Naga Hex)

  • 2nd place – Titan (RM 3,000 + 5x Razer Goliathus)

  • 3rd place – Invasion-Kawanku (RM 2,000 + 5x Razer T-Shirts)