ACG 2013 adds two more participating countries

first published on March 22, 2013 by admin

Asian Cyber Games (ACG) has again sets its eyes on Dota 2 this year, and it has added India and Australia on the countries holding national qualifiers for the tournament.




In addition to the seven countries which already had their own national qualifiers, a qualifier will also be held at  Australia and  India. India is a quick-growing e-Sports community, while Australia was added because of their proximity to the other participating  countries – of which mostly are from South-East Asia.

These countries will be participating on the Asian Cyber Games 2013:

  • ph Philippines
  • my Malaysia
  • vn Vietnam
  • th Thailand
  • sg Singapore
  • Indonesia Indonesia
  •  Brunei
  •  Australia
  •  India


The representatives from these nine countries will compete on a LAN setting,  tentatively set to be held at Manila, Philippines.

This event is still considered as a separate one from “The Asia 2013”, where a certain number of teams from this tournament will compete together with qualified Chinese teams. The exact format, as of the moment, is still unknown.

Last year’s version of ACG, The Asia 2012, was held at KLCC, Malaysia. took home the Championship trophy after defeating my MUFC on the Finals.

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Source: E-Club Malaysia