Dota 2 Useful Console Commands

dota 2 console commands

Here are few useful dota 2 console commands.

First, here is the way to activate console in Dota 2.

  1. Open Steam
  2. Goto Library
  3. Right Click on Dota 2
  4. Click On properties
  5. Click on set launch options
  6. type -console
  7. Click ok
  • You can also type -novid after -console which will deactivate the video that pops up at start of Dota 2.
  • In the same place you can use -w 1280 -h 768, which will set width to the values given. Change the values next to -w and -h to your desire.
  • In set launch options you can also use -noborder.
  • Console is enabled/disabled while in game by ` key which is to the left of key 1 in almost every keyboard.

Now here is the list of commands that you will find useful or may need.

  • net_graph 1 – It will show your fps and ping in game. Type net_graph 0 to disable.
  • fps_max 60.0 – Will set your maximum frames to 60 per second. Set it according to your needs.
  • dota_minimap_hero_size 650 – Increase hero size in minimap. Pretty useful for anyone.
  • dota_hud_healthbars 1 – Will make your health smoother without those lines.
  • dota_force_right_click_attack 1 – This enables right click deny.
  • dota_health_per_vertical_marker 250 – changes the block size in health bars to 250 for every bar.
  • dota_disable_range_finder 0 – Will actually show the range of your spells when mouse is clicked on them.
  • dota_camera_accelerate 49 – This will make the camera stop exactly where you want it.
  • cl_showfps – Show your fps in game.


If you want to set avatar of some hero, check these commands out.

dota_set_avatar 0 – Default
dota_set_avatar 1 – Crystal Maiden
dota_set_avatar 2 – Kunkka
dota_set_avatar 3 – Faceless Void
dota_set_avatar 4 – Furion
dota_set_avatar 5 – Yurnero
dota_set_avatar 6 – Bloodseeker
dota_set_avatar 7 – Lich
dota_set_avatar 8 – Axe
dota_set_avatar 9 – Pudge
dota_set_avatar 10 – Puck

Found these commands to be useful? If you have any command that may help out others, feel free to share you with us.


The International Invites DK


The first invite for The International Dota 2 invites DK to compete for 1$million prize money. The Chineese team who have been almost undefeated in Dota, winning tournaments after tournaments and proving themselves as the number 1 Dota team countless times on different stages of the world.

dk dota

dk dota From Left To Right: Super, Zippo, LongDD, BurNing and rOtk with their invites to the International.

It, maybe, comes as no surprise that they are the first one’s to get invited to The International Dota 2 tournament although many expected previous winners Na’Vi to be the first one’s to get it.

dk dota 2 invite

dk dota 2 invite

However, DK E-Sports Club from China are the first team that get the invite to the biggest Dota 2 Tournament to be held this year. This tournament will be the second of its kind as the first time it was won by Na’Vi and walked away with 1$ Million prize money last year at Gamescon.

This year this tournament will be held in Seattle.

DK team roster:

cn Zhilei ‘BurNing’ Xu
cn Xiang ‘LongDD’ Huang
cn Xiong ‘Zippo’ Zhou
cn Fan ‘rOtk’ Bai
cn Junhao ‘Super’ Xie

Source: Official DK T.QQ


Dignitas Dota Team Released


Dignitas Dota 2 Team has been officially released. After a string of poor performances and inactivity the Dota 2 Team has been finally released. However, it comes as not a surprise that the team has been released considering the fact one of their star players comwithme was playing for different teams as a stand-in and most recently he was a stand-in for team Darer where he is eventually headed.

Team Dignitas Dota

Team Dignitas Dota

EX-Dota 2 Squad

  • Comewithme
  • Freezer
  • Lyon
  • Coco
  • Zizou
  • Sony

Source: Diginitas